Customer Loyalty RewardsAs local Xctra Trade Xchange builds to more than 25 active members, it is time to start inviting local businesses to get involved.  The process is as simple as organizing members to kindly ask if the store offers Xctra MTR credits.  Then, it is time to invite the business owner to a monthly meeting or schedule a time for the club's Business Captain to discuss the program.

As the Buyer's Club grows in number, there are more and more customers who are willing to support member businesses because the store pays MTR credits for purchases.  The customers see their MTR balance grow while doing their normal shopping.

Please note that anyone, anywhere can join the Xctra free membership and use the Xctra market to buy and sell.  They also participate in contest, awards, and promotions.  An active, local Xctra Xchange improves the multiple ways to earn, profits, and expand profits for all.

The trick is learning to earn and spend the MTR trade credits to expand your purchasing power.  As inflation erodes your purchase power, MTRs increase your purchase power.  Follow our easy path to accumulating MTRs that spend like cash at the Xctra market and at local stores.  If your favorite stores do not offer MTRs, refer them to our team and get $25 MTRs if they participate.

We like to "Gamify" our program with special events, contests, training rewards, and giveaways.  If you engage with out program, you will discover that you have more MTRs to spend and you can save your cash for other expenses.

Xctra Trade Exchange is unlike typical barter clubs that are "Business Only".  Our Buyer's Clubs start with and are managed by average people in the community who see the value of additional liquidity to boost the volume of sales in the community.  

Rewarding customers is a B2C (business to customer) program that all customers love.  Unlike other reward systems, PTS credits can be spent and redeemed in all member stores rather than only one store type.

The Xctra system is a fantastic trade exchange as well.  The is the B2B of C2C part of the program.  Our program fosters a robust agenda of trade exchanges using MTR trade credits.  Small trades can be accomplished with MTR credits, but larger deals such as cars, boats, real estate, jewelry, and even art can use Troptions to acquire items without paying 100% cash.