Buyer's Club BannerEvery city needs a better way to shop and every person will want to increase their spending power with our "Free to Participate" program.  Our concept is well-proven and effective.  The greatest value is getting broad and active participation of local consumers and businesses.  Customers participate with a free membership and free phone app.

Every week, an active Xctra Xchange promote a Special Event where your Xctra phone app will earn you a free meal, coffee, gift, golf balls, donut, and  alot more.  We notify members of the timing of each event.

Our platform and free phone apps are able to filter for locations by 10, 25, 100, 500 miles radius, or the whole U.S.  

As new Xctra Trade Xchange develops, they are linked to every other local exchange so members can find local or great deal elsewhere.

Xctra Buyer's Club

The Xctra market is the backbone of the program, so much of the work has been done.  We open up that local exchange when a qualified manager with a people-friendly attitude.  

Xctra Shopping Phone appGroups grow quickly using our basic plan, rewards and contest, and the use of the free phone app.  When, the buyer's club tops twenty-five members, it is time to reach out to local businesses that would like the support of our growing buyer's club members.

New club members can earn $100 on MTR credits (aka mini-Troptions) by simply taking our three online training courses.

Quickly earn more MTR by posting offers on the Xctra marketplace for somethings they does use but others would like to buy or trade for.

Earn more MTX credits by patronizing local stores or services that are part of the buyer's club.  Before long, members have hundreds of dollars in MTR credits to spend instead of paying cash for anything they need.

Local and national promotions and contests will add more excitement to the growth and use of the MTR credit systems.  If there is no Xctra Xchange in your area, we invite business-oriented people with a great personality to consider investigating the fantastic opportunity to create a great income by helping others improve their lives.


If you are a Business Savvy person interested in a Profitable business, check this out.

Barter Group?  We offer a better system than the typical B2B system.  Call our office and revitalize your barter program that has a much more value to businesses, your community, and local consumers.