PTS creditsTroptions Trade AssetsMTR credits (mini-Troptions) are generally used at the Xctra market or with local member businesses giving MTR credits as a loyalty reward.   MTR trade credits are intended to "Increase Buying Power" and conserve your cash.  MTR points are fixed to $1.00 and do not vary in price.

Troptions are trade options that have greater value (more than $1000 per coin in 2021), and Troptions have a solid history of substantial growth.  Larger trades can be accomplished with Troptions, which were developed nearly twenty years ago as a trade asset.  Suppose that MTR credits are like dollar bills and Troptions are like hundred dollar bills.  Both have trade value, but MTR is for local shopping whereas Troptions open the door to deals outside of the Xctra market and allow for peer-to-peer deals that are more of a freelance opportunity to expand the options for crypto barter for everything you may need.

Troptions allows for leveraging your personal wealth, and the artful use of Troptions are primarily about "Wealth Building".  To learn more, stay connected to our Cryptocurrency Training videos and our ongoing educational outreach as an Xctra market registered member.

While many of our members enjoy using the MTR credits to expand their purchasing power, there is a much larger opportunity to build wealth by using Troptions as a more advanced trading vehicle.

The art of trade exchanges is greatly aided by the support and guidance of local leaders and training sessions.  It is invaluable to start or join an Xctra Buyer's Club in your area to realize the extraordinary value of a Crypto Barter system that helps improve the lives of everyone.

Troptions Trade OptionsWe know that Troptions are easily misunderstood and may seem to be difficult to master, but Troptions are possibly the most powerful cryptocurrency on the market.

Like any cryptocurrency that was shunned or criticized prior to their amazing growth, Troptions have been misunderstood but now have a long and substantial growth as a real-life trading asset.  But, Troptions have not only successfully addressed SEC concerns, followed IRS rules, and overcome all critics.  

In fact, Troptions has grown in volume and popularity to one of the most useful cryptocurrencies anywhere.