Increased Buying Power

What do you do when there aren't enough dollars coming into your hands?  Worse yet, the pernicious inflation rate literally decreases your buying ability.  Most people will cut expenses and not buy the things they can no longer afford.  That is how the economy stalls and a recession or depression happens.

If you didn't have money for food, would let your family go hungry or consider trading things you own to get food?  You now see why trading or barter is a good idea in a good economy and a superior idea in a bad economy.

Our goal is to teach people and businesses how to increase their buying power without using cash.  Our Xctra Buyer's Club uses MTR credits that may seem mysterious at first; but once a community adopts the system, everyone wants to earn as many MTR credits as they can.  Imagine finding a tree with leaves that are dollars.  How many leaves would you collect?  

Our program kickstarts new members with $100 of MTR credits when they view our three training videos.

Once registered, new members can easily post offers on the Xctra market that can be sold for cash and/or MTR credits.  It is fairly easy to build up more than $500 in MTR trade credits by selling things that other people would like to acquire.

Xctra Shopping Phone appThird, everyone can download our free Xctra phone app (IOS or Android) that tracks all transactions and records your balance.  Show your QR code from your phone at the time of purchase to earn more MTR trade credits in your account.

Our system offers rewards, contest, and games to earn even more PTS credits.  So the more active you are, the more MTR trade credits you may earn.

But, join the spirit of trade , non-cash buying power  Look for jewelry or items to post on the marketplace.  Bring deals to your local buyer's club meeting, and post your home business items on the market.

Fix up a used car, and post it for sale.  If you are a plumber, mechanic, or painter; post your profile on the market to let people know you will take at least part of your fees in MTR trade credits.

Trade and barter works when communities discover the value of paying in trace than with cash.  Business also have the ability to barter for goods and services like traditional barter programs, but now have a B2C opportunity to attract and reward customer loyalty.