Xctra Gift ExchangeThe supply chain and bad policies of decision-makers has cast a huge shadow over the the pending Christmas season.  Xctra Trade Xchange market has a unique and fun solution.  This is rather like a gift exchange on steroids.  

Find good quality items and toys you no longer need and offer them on the XCTRA website for 100% MTR credits.  These credits will go into your registered account, and you can spend those credits on the Xctra market to buy all kinds of items on the Xctra market without spending money or waiting on the long-delays of new products.

We invite churches to join the effort as our "Sharing and Caring" mission is the perfect solution for the kind of shortages that are immediately at our doorstep.  By encouraging people everywhere to post up various items that can be obtained by MTR coins.  

If anyone does not have MTR coins for these offers, take the free online introduction course and get $100 MTR as you learn how to buy what your family needs without spending 100% cash.  That is $100 in Christmas spending that get things going, but why not embrace the concept of "Caring and Sharing" by posting great Christmas gifts you can make available to others.

Start looking around and even ask your neighbors to contribute.  Remember, joins the Xctra Buyer's Club is free to join and posting offers are free as well.  But, you will need the MTR credits to make purchases.  To get more MTR, post really good items on the Xctra market?

Don't stop at toys and kid things.  How about something older children and adults will want?  While the Xctra market is in it first year of operation, it is our expectation to grow in our mission of "Sharing and Caring" in more than well-intended words.  When you post offers on the platform, consider how this helps them without heavy costs.  Offering items for MTR trade credits opens the door to people from every aspect of life.  In turn, help yourself in a time of needs and shortages by spending you MTR knowing that the greater the participation, the more we all share in solving the needs of others.