Shop by PhoneFree to register and free to post offers or acquire what you need.  Whether local or national, we are promoting all kinds items that are fantastic deals.  

Download our free phone app to earn gain or spend trade credits at your local stores.  Then, visit our online market to trade for a vast array of products from anywhere in the country.

Any registered person will receive $100 in MTR (100 coins) when they register and complete the three video training courses which includes a simple online test.  Videos are about eight minutes each, so that is about thirty minutes of your time.  

Join a local Xctra Buyer's Club or help start on in your area that creates more places to earn and spend MTR credits.  A local Buyer's Club can form anywhere that there are people ready for our program.

Businesses:  Sell your excess inventory or even your hottest items.  Restaurants and can offer coupons for MTR to attract customers.  Spas and salons can post offers to gain new customers. 

Coupons are most often a small MTR fee that offers a free item or an amount off the cost of your product or service.  

Real estate, attorneys, accounts, and services can use a profile ad to let client know that their services can be paid at least in part by MTR.

Our growing audience is a continuous exposure to people in the community that is hard to match with advertising fees elsewhere.  By agreeing to promote the Xctra app to your customers as a way of earning MTR credits, you will develop a loyal following.  Posting a simple QR code is all your customers need to download the app and start earning credits.  Drive more business in the door by posting your QR code on social media and advertising to increase traffic to your store.  The app includes a map and directions to your location(s).

Xctra is unique because it offers Business-to-Customer (B2C) loyalty rewards that customers find very convenient to use in all participating stores or on our online marketplace.  There is also the Business-to-Business (B2B) barter program that reduces cash demands for all businesses.

The B2C side also allows stores to make offers inline for local or national exposure.  Post coupons to attract new customers and invite existing customers to return.  The process is simple and effective.

Currently, our program is focused on the United States, and we hope to expand throughout North and South America.  Any tax considerations are the responsibility of the winner.