Troptions were meant to be Spent

Proof of UseThere is a reason that most people haven't heard about TROPTION or XTROPTION GOLD.  The founders of this crypto trade asset decided over ten years ago not to follow the common trend to develop a speculative, or investment-type, crypto token.  They embraced the critical principle to create a "Proof of Use" token that would not be listed on the exchanges. 

As we have all seen, cryptocurrency exchanges have become high speculation that may far exceed the intrinsic value of the coin or token.  Our mission is to establish a "Digital Currency" that has value based on the actual value of transactions that anyone can see on the blockchain.  We feel that the transactional value of TROPTIONS has greater credibility than the speculations seen on public exchanges.


Spendable cryptoTROPTIONS are not based on speculation but are tied to the actual transactions list on the index.  Unlike exchanges that have mystery values based on speculative hype, TROPTIONS calculate their value based on the volume and size of trades made in real-time.  This is unique, powerful, and provable.  The next agenda item is the release of the TROPTIONS app that will not only hold all types of cryptocurrency, but will allow the owner to spend their crypto asset as it was a debit card.  This is now a first quarter 2022 target.

When this next event happens, the value of TROPTIONS will explode making TROPTIONS holders very happy.  This will mark the next era of crypto achievement.  TROPTIONS will soon be adopted by a series of high-profile companies as an accepted form of payment.  More importantly, stores will be able to accept TROPTIONS via their POS system and cash out at the end of the day just like any debit card.


Shopping with CryptoTROPTIONS are priced right now as good buy because the introduction of the app and the ability to spend your TROPTIONS is likely to catapult the value of this trade asset much higher.  That means the smart buyer will acquire TROPTIONS at today's prices that will spend at a greater value in months to come.  No one is making promises, but the TROPTIONS system is actively closing the critical elements to become a spendable crypto trade asset.  The new TROPTIONS app heralds what comes next.

There is only one final step to finish the task.  The establishment of a liquidity pool holds the reserves that allow merchants to cash out.  That final step is now in view and seems to be leading to an announcement that will exceed expectations.


Buy with cryptoShopping with TROPTIONS is easy.  Anybody can do it.  But, it is not a stretch to understand that TROPTIONS can be traded to others for whatever you need for your life.  Simply use the TROPTIONS app to transfer the dollar value of TROPTIONS to buy from a person.  If you like that boat showed online, suggest that you buy it with TROPTIONS.  The seller can receive the TROPTIONS in seconds.  He may then hold them and watch them grow or use them to pay for a nice vacation.  

There seem to be no losers when using a crypto trade asset.  If you hold them, they have great growth potential increasing your future buying power.  If you spend them, you keep your cash for other demands.  


Shop Local CryptoYet, another reason that we need to aggressively embrace TROPTIONS as a trade asset is that will spur the local economy.  When cash is tight and prices are going up, wouldn't it greatly improve the flow of business if people had more currency to spend?  Since the store has no cost or risk to accept cryptocurrency, area businesses will logically see an increase in sales if they accepted cryptocurrency that could be cashed out at the end of the day.

If people have assets to spend, it is to be expected that spendable cryptocurrency will turn into more sales.  Every city that sees that potential of boosting local merchant sales will benefit from the taxes paid, the merchants can pay their bills, and people have access to what they need without worrying about the bank account balance. 

Crypto BarterIf the business holds onto some of the TROPTIONS, they can reduce their cash drain by paying for supplies and services with TROPTIONS that are now flowing into their business.  The creates an automatic barter program that any smart business owner will love.  Good news, no barter club fee, but all the benefits.  If a business acquires excess TROPTIONS, the easy solution is to start spending them.  

Paying for goods and services with our crypto barter concept is not reserved just for businesses.  Any service provider will happily accept TROPTIONS knowing that they can easily spend them for goods and services he might need.  The spending cycle goes on multiple times in the community making a single transaction ripple into dozens of successive exchanges.  This is the way commerce works and one expenditure produces many other exchanges in the community.


Like most digital currencies, anyone can acquire TROPTIONS by an initial purchase.  Once the TROPTIONS app is available, users will earn more TROPTIONS by the games, air drops, and offers made on the app.  Merchants can collect TROPTIONS from customer sales which they can use to pay for goods and services without using cash.  And, anyone can sell their goods, services, and offers on the Xctra Market.  Once, you learn how to wheel and deal with TROPTIONS, you will quickly see how to greatly improve your cash flow and develop your personal wealth.